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Welcome to Pelican Media

Based in San Francisco, California, Pelican Media is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose primary aim is the production of films with environmental themes.


Our special focus is on urban habitat: the relationships between people and animals. Recent projects include films about a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco, California brown pelicans along the coast, and double-crested cormorants on a Columbia River island.

Our revenue comes from foundations, individuals, organizations, government grants, broadcast rights, film royalties, stock footage sales, DVD/video distribution, and other program-related sources. Executive Director Judy Irving is an Emmy-and-Sundance-award-winning filmmaker.

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Flying Made Easy


Why do birds fly in a "V"?


And how can they fly so close to the water? Helicopter pilot Andy White explains these aerodynamic maneuvers — drafting and "ground effect" — as we watch pelicans and cormorants in flight. This is one of the "Extras" on the Pelican Dreams DVD, which can be purchased here:

Cold_Refuge_12sm copy.jpg

Pelican Media Board of Directors

Laura Lent, President

David Kennedy, Treasurer

Marilee A. Gaffney, Secretary

Corinne DeBra

Katherine Petrin

Annie Somerville

Nanette Stringer

John M. Anderson, Legal Counsel

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