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DVD contains 80-minute closed captioned movie plus 80 minutes of Bonus Features.

If you would like your DVDs signed by the director, please specify wording on order.

Special: Buy 4, get 5th free if all shipped to same address.

Pelican Dreams DVD

  • 25 Bonus Features for Pelican Dreams DVD

    New Mini Movies (mins:secs)


    Morro & Bonnie 5:28

    Predation 4:00

    Flying Made Easy 5:32

    Composer Bruce Kaphan on the Pedal Steel Guitar 11:26

    White Pelican Ballet 2:57

    29.4 minutes


    More from the Channel Islands


    Pink Sky Dives 2:42
    Valentine’s Day on Santa Barbara Island 4:11

    Anacapa Nest Count 2:37

    Black oystercatchers 2:58

    Sea lions in trouble 2:01

    NOW What?! 2:40

    The Third Chick 2:48

    20 minutes


    Baja, Rehab, Silly Pelican Jokes, Releases to the Wild, etc.


    Baja Chick Census 5:16

    Baja Meditation 4:03

    Pouch Surgeries 2:15

    DDT & CA Condors 2:00

    Raptors vs Pelicans 2:24

    Common Murre Release 2:05
    The Fish-Hook Pelican 1:53

    No Name, No Band 3:45
    Silly Pelican Jokes :59

    Arm Around a Pelican :48

    The Bird Ally 2:19

    Caspian Terns at East Sand Island 2:25

    Bonus Features Credits :33

    30.75 minutes

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